One Tree Four Seasons is a collaborative work between the Swedish architect/artist Ulf Mejergren and the Finnish artist Antti Laitinen.
From one tree they will create four different artworks, one for each season,
with available material found in nature. The first project started in early April.

This project was made possible by the Nordic Culture Point, a cultural institution based in Helsinki, Finland and the Finnish Institute based in Stockholm, Sweden. Direction for how to visit the tree can be seen on a map down below.

Season I

We collected dead branches from a nearby forest and encircled the tree by interweaving them with each other. A circular opening makes it possible to see a section of the tree and also the inside where there is a floor of bent willow.

Season II

We collected hay from the field surrounding the tree to create a floor and seating inside the structure as well as inner walls while the tree crown became the roof. A concert performed by the local string quartet Julikvartetten was held inside the structure as a homage to the tree. Outside the entrance we also added temporary stairs of hay bales for the musicians.

Season III

We collected leaves that just had fallen from the tree and the surrounding forest and placed them in the structure. With an artificial wind we made them move around and upwards and then fall again.
A large portion of the leaves left the structure through the hole where real wind joined our man-made storm.

Season IV

We wrapped the project and turned it into a sauna.
The plastic holds the heat and the steam on the inside, while blending in with the snowy landscape on the outside.
The sauna is heated with wood from the site and the smoke that rises creates a white moving volume in the bare tree crown.

The tree is located on a field outside Nykvarn, approximately a 45 min drive from Stockholm or 15 min from Södertälje.